Client Testimonials


"Mandie is an excellent trainer and coach. She took the time to learn my goals and designed program to fit my body and needs. She takes the time to review my results each week and she knows what adjustments need to be made to make sure I get the best results possible. I noticed a difference in my body after the first week!  As a trainer she is extremely patient but still finds a way to push me to my max. I am sore every time I leave her and I love it!  I am working with Mandie on building muscle and hope to complete my first bikini competition this year. I know with her help I will be able to accomplish this. " - Amanda Ellis

"After having a baby early last year I was stuck with some extra weight that I was ready to shed. I had already done everything that had worked for me in the past, but couldn’t seem to get the results I ultimately was after — getting to that pre-baby weight that I missed, getting into my old jeans, and feeling comfortable in my own skin again. I began seeing something called flexible dieting and IIFYM on the internet and immediately became interested after seeing the results that both regular people like me, and professional fitness people were getting. Being that I was clueless where to start, I knew that having a coach was the best thing I could do for myself. Someone that could teach me how to flexible dieting works, hold me accountable during the entire process, and help calculate those numbers that I never trusted myself to do on my own. My biggest concern was that I was still nursing my baby and needed to account for the extra calories needed during this time while losing the weight at a comfortable rate. Mandie was always there to answer my questions and offer positive, constructive feedback even when I felt like I wasn’t doing something right — especially during those extra tasty holiday seasons (hello, Halloween and Christmas).  I’m back in my pre-pregnancy jeans and have established a new way to enjoy food — for life. I am deeply grateful to this woman as she taught me how to enjoy all the foods I like while staying on track with my own personal goals. I would highly recommend Mandie to anyone who is looking to adjust their way of eating and need some help in getting started." - Claudia Materdomini 

"I met Mandie a little over 2 years ago. I had already started losing weight, but I knew the program I was on wasn't sustainable, and I had no idea how I'd maintain the weight loss once I achieved it. Mandie introduced me to tracking macros and completely changed my life. She showed me that I didn't have to give up the foods I loved, i just had to eat less of them or change the way I made them. When I needed help getting out of my own way she helped me. If she didn't agree with something I wanted to do, she let me know she didn't agree and why she didn't agree, but she let me make my own decision (she was usually right). If she isn't sure about something you ask her, she'll do her research and let you know what she finds. She isn't going to tell you something you want to hear, just to make you happy. She has your best interest at heart and it definitely shows. She's not afraid to share her struggles, so you know she can relate to you. " - Mindy Slater

"I started with Mandie in March 2017 and it has been nothing short of educational, motivational, and an excellent experience to date. She has taught and shown me that this is a lifestyle change and that there will be ups and downs, but how I handle and move past them is what counts. I have had several trainers in the past and having Mandie as my online trainer both for workouts and macro counting has been the best decision I have ever made. I have learned a lot about myself and that I am capable of anything! Some people may think that not having a trainer present will play a hand in not being as motivated or pushing yourself to your potential, but that is untrue. I have learned that I don’t need someone standing in front of me telling me what to do, it is all about my drive and determination to surpass what I think I am capable of. If I ever have questions, she goes above and beyond in answering them and making sure I understand. Even when I was halfway across the globe in Japan and dealing with the uncertainty of my food choices and such, she was there for me! I have to date lost 35lbs with her and I couldn’t be happier. The process has been slow and steady and not once did I feel deprived of the foods I loved. Macro-counting has changed my life and being able to eat foods that others may see as off-limits has made this lifestyle change a possibility! Anyhow, I can’t say enough great things about Mandie and her program, her knowledge, and her personality. She is an inspiration and a great trainer because she knows the struggles and shares her own journey with us as well. If you decide to take the next big step in your health and doing it with Mandie, you won’t be disappointed. However, you may kick yourself for not doing it sooner. Thanks, Mandie for everything :D" - Megan Caroline Crosby


I met Mandie 2 years ago! I had the working out lifting part down with a trainer, but didn't know how to control the foods that were going into my mouth. I saw the work she was doing with her clients and asked her what she was doing with them besides working out. She began to explain to me about macros I never heard of it. All I've ever done was keto but I've had my good months and bad months. Don't get me wrong keto works for some but not for everyone. I began to explore what she talked to me about after we finished our conversation. I looked at her and told her there's no way I could do it, that sounds like too much work and keto is very easy to do. She explained to me that it is a lot of work but once you do it, it would become alot easier. I still was a little hesitant and wasn't completely convinced.  As weeks went by, she heard me saying how I love carbs and how hard it is for me to eat one cheat meal. Usually after I eat my cheat meal on Friday I want to continue throughout the weekend. Once you get that taste of carbs in your mouth, then I would have eaters remorse and start over on Monday. She told me "Kim on macros you don't have to cut out the foods you love just as long as it fits into your macros." I started seeing her clients looking amazing and I started paying more attention. I started with Mandie in January. I have to admit it was a struggle at first and didn't think I would make it through the first week; but, with her guidance as my coach and knowing what my body needs I couldn't be happier than I am now and wished I would've started a long time ago. I can guarantee you that if you give the program a chance you won't be disappointed and not only do you have her as a coach but you have all of us that are doing the program that will help you as well. I can tell you first hand that I literally didn't think I would make it but I can't stop. I'm enjoying eating and having fun and seeing my body change right before my eyes. Love Mandie so glad I got the opportunity to meet her. I don't know what I would've done without her. -Kimberly