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Supplements & Products I Use

Here is a list of products I use:

  • Genetidyne Protein Powder

  -they have casolate, whey, and       isolate all made with real candy pieces like heath, reeses, butterfingers and you can choose a chocolate base or vanilla base powder

  • GenetiRage Preworkout

-this is BY FAR the best preworkout EVER with flavors like blue razz, sweet cherry dark, rainbow candy, and more

  • Xtend & Genetidyne BCAAS

  • creatine

  • cytogreens

  • optiwomen multi-vitamin

  • quest bars

  • combat crunch bars 

  • oh yeah one bars


*I am not sponsored by ANY of these companies, I just love their products so much i want to share them with you. 

All Genetidye brand supplements can be ordered through

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